Italian American Market

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 10AM - 7 PM

Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM

Sunday Closed


Monday-Friday 4 PM - 7PM


 Everything Is Fresh Here at Alteri's Italian American Market!

Italian Bread
Image by Charlie Solorzano
Meat and Eggs
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Imports and Cheese

The Alteri Legacy

Mark Alteri (Master Baker) is a fourth generation baker. His Great Grandfather, Gaetano Spaziani, started Spaziani's Bakery in the early 1900's. Mark's Grandfather, Chet, was part of Spaziani's Bakery for many years, along with his 4 brothers. Mark's parents, Querino and Ida Jane (Spaziani) Alteri purchased Romeo's Bakery in 1971, renaming it Alteri's Bakery. There, Mark learned the trade. Now Mark's sons (Calo and Nello) will be part of the baking tree and learn from one of the best.

Our breads


Our breads contain four simple ingredients;

Flour, water, salt, yeast!

Each bread is hand made and has its own proof time...

Come taste the 

Quality and Freshness